Board of Governors

Gerard Drohan, Jr., President
Gerard A. Dengel., Vice President
Gottfried Weissgerber, Secretary
Nili Olay, Treasurer


Gerald Caporicci

Ellen Fisch

Rella Fogliano

Frank Gibbons

Terrance C. Holliday

Daniel Holohan

Brad Robertson

Penny Speckter

Thomas N. Stein

Camille Wiart

Jean Wiart


Victoria A. Dengel, Executive Director
212.840.1840 extension 2
[email protected]

Karin Taylor, Program Director
212.840.1840 extension 2
[email protected]

Lisa Wolf,  Mechanics Institute Registrar and Program Co-ordinator
212.840.1840 extension 1
[email protected]

General Society Library

Malena Rogers, Circulation Manager
212.840.1840 extension 3
[email protected]

Angelo Vigorito, Archivist
[email protected]