The Board of Governors of
The General Society of Mechanics & Tradesmen
and the School Committee extend their
Congratulations to the 
Mechanics Institute
Class of 2018.
We are grateful to all of our supporters who help to make the programs of 
The General Society of Mechanics & Tradesmen possible.
“We wish you, our Graduates, great success in all your endeavors. You join a long legacy of graduates going back to 1858.  As Mechanics Institute alumni we will continue to welcome you here at The General Society and hope that as you progress in your chosen profession, you will join with your fellow alumni in encouraging and supporting others toward this journey of accomplishment.”
Gerard Drohan, Jr.
General Society President 

“So as you go forth, please take what you’ve learned here and put it to good use. And if someone asks you for a quick answer because they don’t have the time to truly learn, show them a book and tell them to read the whole thing, just as you did. You will be doing them a great favor.

Research is oak.

Search is veneer.

Knowledge is power.

And that’s what you have now. True knowledge because you have done the research.”

Dan Holohan
Mechanics Institute Chair
Heating Industry Authority and Author and Founder




Juan H. Amador                              Christopher Lee
YuenAmoy A. Atkins                       Cindy Berlin Marcelino
Teresa Baker                                     Rezart Markolaj
Verendra Bunsee                             Jorge Martinez
Richard G. Cedeño                          Richard McCormack
Patricia D’Agate                                Samuel Paris
Charles Davoren                              Jonathan Rincon
Cengiz Elevli                                      Jonathan Romano
Paul Elliott                                          Brent Rosario
Cody Emanuel                                  Jeffrey Ruiz
Ronald Fedorka                               Besa Shehu
Duval Jones                                      Michael Sonnysingh
Stacy Knutt Williams                     Fanpin Tseng
Caitlin A. Lach                                  Audye Voltaire


Lamont H. Armstrong                   Daniel Przestrzelski
Abiodun Atolagbe                           Eric Ramsey
Reuel G. Brathwaite                       Tito Rodriguez
Tracy Breaker                                   Frank Romero
Lloyd Brown                                     Ishmael N. Rorie
Carlton C. Clarke                             Abel Rosario
Warren Davis                                    Lorenzo Rosario
Hernan Diaz Jr.                                Venus Cheri é Shabazz
Nikitas Dionysatos                         David Siroka
Jamarr Griffin                                  Trevon Soya
Brian W. Henry                                John Tsahas
Kirk Johnson                                    Edward Weston
Vladimir Konov                                Harold W. Williams


Majkel Anastasi                                Oscar Mario Linares Mejia
Oral Anckle                                        Christian A. Ramirez
Alexander Balbuena Aguilar       Juan A. Salinas-Melgar
Bledi Balla                                          Dritero Shala
George Bassolino IV                        Luis E. Silfa
Kenny J. Delma                                 Erind Spahiu
Kristian Grishaj                                 Justin Christopher Truax
Patrick M. Innocent


Baron Baptiste
Gabriel Garcia
Colin Welch


Arben Dreshaj

About The Mechanics Institute

The Mechanics Institute, an educational program of The General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen, established in 1858, continues to provide tuition-free evening instruction in trades-related education and provides a critical service to improve job opportunities for New Yorkers in the building and construction industry. Without a tuition-free education, many of our students would be unable to get the technical education needed to advance in today’s environment. Each fall, over 300 students enroll in the Mechanics Institute’s programs including Electrical Technology, HVAC/R Systems Design, Plumbing Design and Construction Project Management and AutoCAD and BIM.