An Introduction to The American Artists’ Hand Archive.

Vanessa Hoheb and Thomas Donahue.


The lecture starts at 6:30 P.M.  – RECEPTION TO FOLLOW.

A unique opportunity affording a close inspection of The American Artists’ Hand Archive’s bronze life castings of some of America’s most prominent and influential visual artists. The evening will include a discussion delivered by Vanessa Hoheb and Thomas Donahue of the Archive, describing its ongoing mission and participant narratives.

Vanessa Hoheb and Thomas Donahue met at Pratt institute in 1975 and have been collaborating professionally for 40 years. They combined their skills of modeling, moldmaking, casting and restoration with classically trained backgrounds in painting and sculpture to address the challenges in realizing the works of a wide range of visual artists.

Together they joined the Metropolitan Museum of Art to mold objects from its collection for both replication and curatorial study. The two Master Artisans were later engaged to enlarge, sculpt and cast a collection of Willem de Kooning sculptures: small models resulting in their finished bronze heroic scale. Ms. Hoheb and Mr. Donahue were particularly honored to have been charged with heading the team responsible for the restoration of the Statue of Liberty’s copper outer skin. Most recently, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals commissioned, from the two artisans, an original design for its “Saxton Award”.  This bronze is given in recognition of extraordinary contributions in the field of research, development and care. Ms. Hoheb and Mr. Donahue continue to advise and oversee a great range of projects affording them valued relationships with some of most influential makers of our time.

The American Artists’ Hand Archive is a natural outgrowth of these experiences.  The Archive is the manifestation of their shared passion for the work of human hands, the essential need to create and a desire to acknowledge the well celebrated and the under celebrated artists of our time.  For more information on AAHA, please click here.

20 WEST 44thStreet  (BETWEEN 5TH AND 6th AVENUES), New York City

Please note: Seating is Limited. Reservations are necessary. Please click here. Free Admission