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Construction Project Management is a two-year educational program for individuals currently employed in the field. Classes are taught Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5:30pm-8:30 pm.

Construction Administration

The goal of the Construction Administration class is to teach students how to manage construction activities to ensure safety, job site integrity, and quality in the built environment.  In the Spring 2018 class, students were challenged to take on the role of Construction Manager, form their own company, and compete to be hired as manager for a new building project. Using a Powerpoint presentation, students addressed all issues regarding project management:  logistics & site safety, bidding, schedules, mobilization, payments, bonding, and closeout.

Please view the sample Construction Project Management Two-Year Curriculum.

First Year- Fall Semester

ADM- Construction Administration

Prerequisites: High School Diploma, or GED

Construction Administration The educational objective of this course is to understand how construction activities are properly managed and executed to achieve successful projects. As a result of new building technologies and evolving construction practices, managing construction is becoming increasingly complex. Topics include bidding and contract award process, quality control, shop drawings, field conditions, and change orders, as well as understanding construction contracts, disputes, and labor relations. Students will work on and prepare real-world documents and contract forms to develop a construction administration portfolio.

MDS- Methods & Materials

Prerequisites: High School Diploma, or GED

Construction Methods & Materials, The educational objective of this course, is to introduce students to various materials used in construction, with an understanding of how they are used and installed. The course will follow the construction of a building starting with the foundation, through the structure, finishes, and completion. Students will gain a complete understanding of how buildings stand up and also provide safe, healthy environments for occupants. Students will learn proper construction terminology, code requirements, history and performance of materials, and basic architectural-engineering principles.

First Year- Spring Semester

BPR- Blueprint Reading

Prerequisites: ADM, MDS

Blueprint Reading The educational objective of this course is to introduce the student to the skills of understanding and reading architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical construction drawings, and to coordinate the information represented by each type of drawing.

EST- Cost Estimating

Prerequisites: ADM, MDS

Estimating For Building Construction The educational objective of this course is to introduce the student to estimating for the general construction trades. Major trades covered in class work are excavating, concrete, masonry, carpentry, and plastering. Construction Procedures and trade practices are reviewed. Methods of taking off quantities from Construction Document Drawing and of organizing data are described. Typical problems and homework are analyzed in class. The general approach emphasizes the logical separation of material quantities and work operation, and applies to all construction trades.

Second Year- Fall Semester

SCH- Project Scheduling

Prerequisites: BPR, EST

Project Scheduling The educational objective of this course is to introduce the student to the scheduling aspects of a construction project. The student will learn how to create the initial timing schedule. Topics include scheduling of resources, costs, and personnel/labor. Using manual calculations to develop the schedule will provide the student with background and analysis before devoting time and effort to the actual scheduling.

CNT- Contract Documents

Prerequisites: BPR, EST

Contract Documents The educational objective of this course is to introduce the student to an understanding of the Nature of Contracts. The course includes lectures on the bidding for and negotiating of construction contracts, contract administration, as well as handling claims and disputes, changes in the work of contracts, and completion of contracts and payments.

Second Year- Spring Semester

SUS- Sustainability

Prerequisites: SCH, CNT

Sustainability, The educational objective of this course, is to provide the student with a detailed overview of sustainable, or “green,” architecture, allowing him to understand the roles of the designer, builder, and manager in the process. The course balances the theoretical with the practical and presents its topics in a manner that is equally relevant to architects, engineers, interior designers, and construction project managers.

IBC- International Building Code

Prerequisites: SCH, CNT

International Building Code, The educational objective of this course, is to provide the student with a fundamental understanding of the 2015 International Building Code. Students will learn how the code was developed and how it is used, as well as how it applies to design an construction. Upon course completion, students will have an understanding of the relationship between codes and practice in areas of design and construction.