Registration for HVAC/R Systems is now closed. Enrollment will open in June 2019.

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The HVAC/R Systems Design program is a two-year discipline designed to provide students with a practical understanding of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning concepts as they apply to the field of construction.

Who should enroll in the HVAC/R Systems Design program?
Individuals employed as HVAC/R mechanics, as well as engineers working in any of the diverse fields that rely on an integral understanding of heating, cooling, and boilers. Those working in the HVAC/R field in a managerial or supervisory capacity will also benefit from the thorough understanding of refrigeration theory provided by this program.

Fundamentals of HVAC/R 
Hydronics Heating Systems
Water Systems – Chillers & Cooling Towers. 
Heat-load Calculations and Energy Codes
Air Systems – Ducts & Fans
Psychrometrics – Humidification
Control Systems & Electric-Power Supply
Practicum & Estimating